We have a dream for a Kinder world.

Who we are

KindGoods has been ideated and created by the team behind Conversio. We are very passionate about the products we create at Conversio and about helping our customers to have, not just profitable businesses, but life-profitable businesses.

We are part of the Ecommerce world. We make products that help businesses achieve their goals. We want to create a space where businesses realize that to thrive means being kinder to the planet and its people. We can’t do this alone, so it’s also a space where we hope that those who share our vision will join us and help us take KindGoods to the next level and do our fair share on this quest for a kinder world.

We are a rebellious and idealistic team at heart and we have no doubt that together, we can make a change!

We also have the honour of having the sustainability expert Lyndsey Parette as part of our KindGoods team. Lyndsey is very passionate about figuring out how to get others engaged in sustainability and her research, knowledge and ideas have been vital since the beginning of the project. She is the one keeping our feet on the ground and making sure that what we do aligns with our vision.

Crystal Richard, a lover of storytelling and another rebellious mind, helped us with her PR expertise to put KindGoods out in the wild and gain followers by telling our story through Instagram.

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