Together, small actions can make a big impact.

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Our KindGoods Mission

KindGoods is a new way to discover brands and products that are kind to the world and to celebrate those who buy and support them. A non-profit conceptualized, created and backed by Conversio, KindGoods is dedicated to helping transform Ecommerce business by nurturing sustainability-conscious sellers and consumers.

Our community is built with entrepreneurs, business leaders and owners, designers, bloggers, marketers, artists, innovators, makers and most importantly, anyone making conscious moves to protect our planet and help make our world a better place.

Our KindGoods Vision


Let’s work towards an inclusive society that advocates for actions like equality, diversity and ethical decision making. Let’s acknowledge that the well-being of society is crucial to everything and everyone in this world. Let’s gather a tribe of KindGoods sellers and buyers passionate about creating a future we can all be proud of.


Let’s aim to ensure that we are not depleting the planet’s natural resources and are taking action to be responsible producers and consumers. Let’s be aware that every product and process can have a hidden environmental cost which is why it’s important to mitigate any harmful effects.


Let’s be invested in creating and supporting  profitable business models that can thrive while also opportunistically addressing the needs of society. Let’s look for a balance with the knowledge that doing more can only work if there’s more to give.


Let’s acknowledge that everyone’s time is limited and valuable. Let’s be a KindGoods community together and make it easier first by providing sellers with resources and backing to have a sustainability-conscious business model, while continuing profitability. Let’s then make it easier for buyers to support these business models with easy access to their products and resources on where and how to access sustainability-conscious products. Together we can make a difference for tomorrow.

Our KindGoods Goal

At KindGoods we want to make it easier to be kind to the world. One of our short-term goals is to curate a number of KindGoods stores that can be featured on our site. We also want to make it possible for KindGoods buyers to find KindGoods sellers.

Another short-term goal is to create a knowledge center with expert advice and tips for those aiming to be a KindGoods store, or for anyone interested in how we can all be kinder to the world.